Be A Real Beauty 30 Day Meal Planning Guide

Be A Real Beauty 30 Day Meal Planning Guide

Meal Planning GuideOn July 19 the Be A Real Beauty, 30 Day Meal Planning Guide will go live!

In it, I’ll share over 30 recipes that are mostly vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie.

But not really on purpose!

Cooking at home, the key to a healthy diet

I’ve spent 10 years learning how to meal plan.

This guide distills those years of learning into practical tip sheets, worksheets and quick recipes to help…

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A Fourth of July recipe: Teaching kids about social justice

A Fourth of July recipe: Teaching kids about social justice

4th of july table

“I thought girls couldn’t have short hair?”

“Why can’t my uncles have the same last names even though they had a wedding?”

“Why does Grandpa get upset when I play with Jaylan?”

Little boy questions, their first experiences with sexism, homophobia, racism…questions I often answer with tears and the inadequate explanation, “Because some people are afraid of things they don’t understand.”

My kids…

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Five Minute Friday: Soldier, you look lost

Five Minute Friday: Soldier, you look lost

Five Minute Fridays: Lost

You stand at the intersection of two big grocery stores. Big brown eyes, squinting into the sun. The 90s-era sandy fatigues you’re wearing in this 90 degree heat soaked with sweat, one rolled up a bit exposing cold metal where the pulse of red-hot blood flowing to your feet ought to be. I can’t help wondering if you lost that leg the same way (more…)

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